60 Days Free Trial Version Campaign (MylogStar Desktop English Version) 「From October 8, 2021」

Mylogstar Desktop (Log Management Software) is recognized and ranked among the top in the business industry in Japan.  MylogStar Desktop is release now in Thailand. 

This software can be used to record, manage, and analyze operations that are performed on a PC terminal, as evidence of an event such as “who, what files, where, how to do,” and how to prevent illegal operations. 

Log Collection Ability, this software can collect PC operation logs of 15 types. (Computer power on / off, user login / off, application usage history, file access history, printer usage history, email send/received history, web browsing history, referenced window usage history, etc.) 

In addition, you can also manage prohibited application settings and USB usage management. 

Now, we are looking for a free trial version from October 8, 2021, as a software sales commemoration. The free trial version is available at the same spec as the selling version. After using for 90 days, if you want to use the the selling version, you can continue to use it by buying the selling version. 

For the free trial version, the following information is required and please send us to the email address (th-mls-sales@runexy.co.jp

Full name (Japanese or English), Furigana (Japanese text), Company name, Telephone number, E-mail address, Available software languages (either Japanese or English.) 

Please check the software terms of use. 

The supported operating systems (OS) are Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

In addition, Windows languages ​​are available in Japanese, English, and Thai.