Consulting & Solution

Consulting (Log Analysis)

・Forensic survey “Effective use of PC operation log

    tools” Computer logs, screenshot logs, app logs,

    file logs, E-mail logs, weblogs, printer logs, etc.

・Online Training ( Education, Training )

・Information Security Online Course


・Backup recovery in case of system failure

    ( ActiveImage Protector 2018-RE )

・Cloning is possible only with a USB memory

    ( Deploy USB -RE, Computer kitting tool )

・PC operation log management Software ( Mylogstar

    Desktop, Mylogstar FileServer, Mylogstar Cloud )

・Online Training ( Digital forensics: Partner     Cooperation )

・e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt ( Partner Cooperation )

Business Support

( Private Office, Remote work ( rental space ), 

Telework Desk, Seminar room )